NXT Modular Placing Machines


Modular, scalable platform that can be reconfigured to meet your needs. Over 40,000 machine installations worldwide.


NXT Modular Placing Machines


High Productivity - A double conveyor offers simultaneous top and bottom production for "0" effective loading panel time. Operators can switch between dual lane and single lane conveyance. Rails move automatically to change the width of the conveyor.


NXT Modular Placing Machines


Quick Change Placement Heads - Placing heads support everything from chip parts to odd-form parts. Heads can be quickly exchanged with no tools required.



Scalable Placement Platforms

The NXT III can handle a wide range of parts using a single platform. It can easily be reconfigured by changing modules to quickly meet changes in production quantities and part types. The NXT III enables you to create the perfect line configuration according to your production needs.


for NXT Scalable Placement Platforms

NXTII Accessories
A range of accessories are offered to enhance the performance of our NXT machines. Some accessories include panel height detection to allow for stable placements even on warped PCBs, quick change device tables and intelligent feeders.