NXT Modular Placing Machines


Modular, scalable platform that can be reconfigured to meet your needs. Over 40,000 machine installations worldwide.


AIMEX III Small Chip to Large Part Placing


All-in-one compact machine solution. Features the "DynaHead" allowing the machine to attach the right head on the fly without programming.


Enterprise Factory Software Solutions


Fuji offers software solutions to help you manage your factory, including NPI, Inventory Management, Traceability, Schedule Optimization and Data Exchange with your ERP system.


Placing Machines

    Scalable Placement Platform
    Flexible Placement Platform
  • NXT-H
    Platform for Wafer and SMD Placement
  • SmartFAB
    Automated Fabrication Machine

Screen Printers

  • GPX-C
    High Accuracy Screen Printers
  • NXTP
    Intelligent and Compact Screen Printers
Nexim Software
Connecting Your Production Processes
Fuji Flexa
Flexible Assembly Software
Fuji Trax
Assembly Process Management System